Why Haven’t You Tried Massage Therapy Yet?

Maybe you’ve thought about it, you’ve seen my Facebook page and followed it to learn more. You’ve considered making an appointment but for one reason or another you still have not tried massage therapy.  Recently I had a new client experiencing back pain. I had a last minute opening and she came in for her pain as a “last resort “. She admitted to me she thought she didn’t like massages because the very few she’d received had been awkward. We talked, I helped her with her pain. By the end of the session she was enjoying it and making plans for regular, monthly appointments. I love meeting and helping new clients! So, what is stopping you from making regular massage appointments?

What if it’s awkward?
I won’t lie, my first time receiving massage therapy was a little awkward. I was in college (before I ever went to massage therapy school) and went for a spa day with some friends. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what to do. Was I supposed to completely undress? Would the sheet keep me covered? Do I talk or stay quiet? I had so many questions in my head it made it hard to relax. Today, as a therapist I make every effort to make sure my clients have a safe, comfortable space they can relax in. I set up a FAQ page and give new first time clients the chance to ask any questions or address any concerns with me before we begin the session. More often than not before the first session is even over my new clients are comfortable, relaxed, amazed by my pain relieving techniques and ready to schedule their next appointment. See how to prepare for a massage for further info and here are 10 more questions addressed that you might be afraid to ask.

I can’t really afford it
Think of regular massage therapy as an investment in your health; massage addresses mental, emotional and physical health all in one. Getting a massage just once or twice a month has huge benefits and is totally worth it especially if you live with chronic pain and/or stress. More and more massage therapy is being seen as a medical and health treatment, not a “luxury” or “pampering treatment”. Massage reduces the effects of stress, which can be detrimental to the body and cost you more in the long run than a massage or 2 (or 3 or 4) per month.  Clip this $10 off coupon for new, first time clients. First time clients also get my “new client care bag”, including a self care tips info card, samples and more.

I’m self-conscious
Being self-conscious should never keep you from seeking health care… whether it’s visiting your doctor or seeing a massage therapist. If you’re self-conscious about a certain part of your body, you can ask me to avoid that area. You can also opt for a therapy that is done through clothing (because no massage oil or lotion is used, you remain fully clothed during the session). You can start with a shorter session until you get more comfortable with the process and the therapist. Try my footwork session or a scalp/face massage only. You can even bring your own comfortable clothing to wear (shorts, tank top, sports bra, etc…). Lastly, I am a professional. As a professionally certified massage therapist of 10 years it’s safe to say pain and stress relief is my calling, I love my job and helping people. Don’t keep yourself from pain relief and relaxation.

I can’t find the time
Again, massage therapy is not a “luxury”. Finding a way to work regular massage therapy sessions into your life can be a wonderful way to boost overall health and wellness and manage that stress we all try to cope with. Whether you opt for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly massage sessions 1-4 hours a month is not too much time to spend on YOU. You shouldn’t feel selfish or guilty, the fact is rest and self-care are important, you can’t serve from an empty vessel.  Take care of yourself first so you can better take care of your loved ones.

Schedule an appointment
Check out my services, find a session you would like to try and message me on my Facebook business page – Atoka Massage Therapy or call 889-3800 (Atoka location) or 927-9121 (Coalgate location). Here are my days/hours/locations.  Don’t wait any longer to try massage therapy, schedule an appointment today!

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