Relaxing Couples Massage Special

vday special 2014 couples massage

Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Relaxing with your sweetheart by getting couples massage has many benefits and is well…relaxing! Couples massage is set up so that two people can get their massages together in the same room, each having their own massage therapist. Rather than providing massages to each other, receive a professional couples massage service. Couples massage can:

  • help you reconnect
  • boost communication between you
  • increase your feeling of affection
  • encourage bonding

It’s not just for husband/wife couples, mothers/daughters, friends and anyone that wants to spend time together can enjoy and benefit from a “couples” massage session, too.

Saturday, February 15 myself and a fellow therapist are offering couples massage sessions. Spots are limited, so book early! Call to schedule or message me via my Facebook Page.

Happy-Valentines-Day-Couples-Massage 2014 special


Brooke CMT

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