Hand and Foot Reflexology

hand foot reflexology

I am excited to announce that I recently spent time at the Institute of Bodywork Studies to further my education.  I studied the history, theory, and techniques behind the bodywork
practice known as reflexology.

Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific areas of the hands and feet that correspond with different organs in the body. You can see  interactive hand and foot reflexology maps here. Reflexology utilizes anatomical zones as its scientific basis for beneficial effects on the organs, various other parts of the body and health in general.

Reflexology vs Foot Massage
There is often confusion between reflexology and massage. Massage focuses on the muscular system and working muscles in the feet, while reflexology concentrates on the nervous system, working the nerve endings in the hands and feet.

Stimulating reflexes in the foot that coincide with a particular body part it can benefit that organ/part of the body and help with health problems in a natural way. Many things can impair your nervous system and interfere with its function. When there is no interference, your nervous system controls the healthy function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body.

“Reflexology balances the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings of the feet, which connect with the spinal nerves and their corresponding organs. It works with the circulatory system, breaking up congestion and deposits in the feet, which in turn help detoxify the body.”

-Deborah Flanagan, from her article on Dr. Oz

reflexology special rate

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